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Photo + Adventure 2023

At Kase we are excited to share our latest photography equipment and accessories.

Come join us at Photo + Adventure 2023 in Duisburg.


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Where to find us

Landschaftspark Duisburg-Nord, Emscherstraße 71, D - 47137 Duisburg

May 13th - 14th 2023 between 1h until 18h

Tips from professional photographers

We are happy to announce that some of Kase's Top Partners will be attending Photo + Adventure 2023. Get in touch with us to get tips from them!

Klaus Wohlmann


Would you like to talk to a Kasefilters representative?

Contact us via our contact form and book a slot on our schedule to talk to one of Kase's product specialists at the tradeshow.

Who is KASE equipment for?

The range of photography equipment, filter lenses and accessories offered by Kase is perfect for both professional and amateur content creators, videographers, photographers or moviemakers.

Featured KASE Items

ROUND KW Revolution Magnetic Professional ND Filter Set
The magnetic round filters from Kase are made of high-quality KW glass, which is particularly characterized by its color neutrality. You can also be confident in your imaging quality. These filters are perfect for photographers who don't need a full square system. These filters are perfect for photographers who don't need a full square system. The advantage is that they are lighter and more compact. This set consists of ND8, ND64 as well as ND1000 and CPL, a magnetic adapter ring, an Inlaid ring and a lens cover as well as a filter bag. Appealing to both photographers and filmmakers, these kits of our magnetic circular filters allow you to control both reflections and light. Scope of delivery: 1x magnetic CPL (polarizing filter) 1x magnetic ND8 3 stops 1x magnetic ND64 4 stops 1x magnetic ND1000 10 stops 1x Inlaid ring (is screwed into the adapter ring to enable the filter to be changed quickly) 1x magnetic adapter ring ("creates" the magnetism on the side of the lens) - Attention: This is not a step up ring! 1x Magnetic Lens Cap Lens Cap 1x filter bag

Variants from €359.90*
K100 SLIM Wolverine Soft GND 0.6 2 Stops 100x150mm
Our SLIM filter the Wolverine series are characterized by a reduced filter thickness of only 1.1mm. They are just as unbreakable and gefertig from the same optical glass as our conventional Wolverine filter with a width of 2.0 mm. The Kase SLIM Wolverine K100 (100x150mm) Soft grad GND 0.6 (2 stops / 2Stops) Graduated filter is ideal for shooting in difficult lighting conditions in landscape and architectural photography. Through the soft and steady course no hard transitions occur in the image. The KaseFilters Wolverine series is characterized by an excellent color neutrality. Which used high-precision optical glass is shatterproof. By the oil and water repellent coating, the filters are extremely easy to clean.

€134.93* €179.90* (25% saved)
ARMOUR High End Set
The Kase ARMOUR High End Set is the perfect start to your Kase ARMOR experience. Included are the ARMOUR filter holder, the filter bag for up to 6 filters and adapters. The Kase ARMOUR filter set is perfect for professional or amateur photographers who want to use filters with all the benefits of Kase Wolverine filters, the speed of magnets and the added protection of Kase ARMOUR. With the selection of filters in the set, you are ideally equipped for most scenarios. Uses the soft graduated filter to balance the light and perfectly capture the details in the landscapes and city scenes. Use the ND filter to control your shutter speed and create great effects such as: B. smooth water, silky clouds and light trails. The magnetic polarization filter reduces glare and increases color saturation. All with the added protection and strength of the ARMOUR frame and the one made of high quality aluminum. Accelerates the use of filters in the field by protecting metal frames around your existing filters and a round neutral density filter housed in the ARMOUR holder. Features: Magnetic 95mm polarizing filter and round ND filter Reduced assembly time compared to the classic rectangular filter system Additional protection for the rectangular filters through special aluminum frames with magnetic function Less fingerprints on the edges of the filters Tempered optical Pro HD glass Highest color fidelity Metallic nano-coatings Scratch resistant Shockproof Water and dust / dirt repellent Easy to clean Circular Magnetic ND reduces light loss The ARMOR filter system also fits perfectly with the rectangular filters from Kase but also with those of other brands. Whats included? 1x 100mm ARMOUR aluminum Filter Holder 1x 95mm ARMOUR Magnetic Polarizing Filter 1x 95mm ARMOR Magnetic ND64 6 Stops 1x 100x150mm Soft Graduated Filter 0.9 3 Stops incl. Magnetic Frame 1x 100x150mm Reverse Graduated Filter 0.9 3 Stops incl. Magnetic Frame 2x magnetic base adapter rings: 77-95mm & 82-95mm 2x screw-in step up adapter rings: 67-82mm & 72-82mm 1x lens cap made of plastic 1x soft bag filter bag To use the filter holder with other lens filter sizes smaller than 82mm, please use suitable screw-in Step Up adapter rings. For example, to use the ARMOUR system with a 58mm filter thread, you only need an additional 58-82mm screw-in Step Up Adapter Ring.

Solid Rock Carbon Fiber Tripod C85
Halte die perfekten Momente fest und genieße die Freiheit beim Fotografieren mit dem Carbon Stativ C85. Konzipiert mit einer maximalen Belastbarkeit bis 35 kg ist der C85 für Fotografen mit einer professionellen und schweren Ausrüstung. Gleichzeitig ist es handlich und leicht zu tragen, mit einem Gewicht von nur 2,01 kg. Durch das geringe Gewicht kannst du es problemlos überall mit hinnehmen. Mit den Dreh-Schnellverschlüssen ist das Kohlefaser-Stativ in Sekundenschnelle einsatzbereit und ebenso schnell verstaut. Im Handumdrehen lassen sich die Füße, je nach Beschaffenheit des Bodens, auswechseln. Ausgestattet mit Gummifüßen oder Spikes, ist der C85 für jeden Untergrund gerüstet.Lieferumfang:  Mountain SeriesCarbon Stativ C853x rutschfeste Gummifüße (vormontiert)3x SpikefüßeTascheGurt für TascheSchraubendreherBedienungsanleitungWichtig: Im Lieferumfang ist kein Stativkopf enthalten!  Dieser ist einzeln oder im Set verfügbar.