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Photo + Adventure 2023

At Kase we are excited to share our latest photography equipment and accessories.

Come join us at Photo + Adventure 2023 in Duisburg.


Get your Photo + Adventure 2023 admission tickets now.

Where to find us

Landschaftspark Duisburg-Nord, Emscherstraße 71, D - 47137 Duisburg

May 13th - 14th 2023 between 1h until 18h

Tips from professional photographers

We are happy to announce that some of Kase's Top Partners will be attending Photo + Adventure 2023. Get in touch with us to get tips from them!

Klaus Wohlmann


Would you like to talk to a Kasefilters representative?

Contact us via our contact form and book a slot on our schedule to talk to one of Kase's product specialists at the tradeshow.

Who is KASE equipment for?

The range of photography equipment, filter lenses and accessories offered by Kase is perfect for both professional and amateur content creators, videographers, photographers or moviemakers.

Featured KASE Items

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K100 SLIM Wolverine Soft GND 0.6 2 Stops 100x150mm
Our SLIM filters in the Wolverine series are characterized by a reduced filter thickness of just 1.1mm. They are just as shatterproof and made from the same optical glass as our conventional Wolverine filters with a width of 2.0mm.
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ARMOUR High End Set
The Kase ARMOUR High End Set is the ideal introduction to the fascinating world of Kase ARMOUR. It includes the ARMOUR filter holder, a filter bag for up to 6 filters and adapters. The Kase ARMOUR filter set is ideal for professional photographers and ambitious hobby photographers who want to benefit from the numerous advantages of Kase Wolverine filters. With their first-class quality, the practical magnetic holder for quick attachment and the additional protection provided by Kase ARMOUR, these filters offer a perfect solution. With the selection of filters in this set, you are ideally equipped for most scenarios. Use the soft graduated filter to even out the light and capture the details in landscapes and city scenes perfectly. Use the ND filter to control your shutter speed and achieve great effects, such as smooth water, silky clouds and light trails. The magnetic polarization filter reduces glare and increases colour saturation. All with the added protection and strength of ARMOUR frames and made from high quality aluminum. Accelerates the use of filters in the field with the protection of metal frames around your existing filters and a round neutral density filter housed in the Armor holder. Special features: Magnetic 95mm polarizing filter and round ND filter Reduced assembly time compared to the classic rectangular filter system Additional protection for the rectangular filters thanks to special aluminum frames with magnetic function Less fingerprints on the edges of the filters Toughened optical Pro HD glass Highest color fidelity Metallic nano-coatings Scratch resistant Impact resistant Water and dust/dirt repellent Easy to clean Circular Magnetic ND reduces light loss The ARMOUR filter system also fits perfectly with rectangular filters from Kase and other brands. What's included 1x 100mm ARMOUR aluminum filter holder 1x 95mm ARMOUR Magnetic Polarizing Filter 1x 95mm ARMOUR Magnetic ND64 Filter (6 Stops) 1x 100x150mm Soft graduated filter 0.9 3 stops incl. magnetic frame 1x 100x150mm Reverse graduated filter 0.9 3 stops incl. magnetic frame 2x Magnetic base adapter rings: 77-95mm & 82-95mm 2x screw-in step up adapter rings: 67-82mm & 72-82mm 1x plastic lens cap 1x soft bag filter bag To use the filter holder with other lens filter sizes smaller than 82mm, please use suitable screw-in step-up adapter rings. For example, to use the ARMOUR system with a 58mm filter thread, you needYou only need an additional 58-82mm screw-in step-up adapter ring.
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Mountain Series Carbon Tripod C85
Capture the perfect moments and enjoy the freedom of photography with the Kingjoy Carbon Tripod C85. Designed with a maximum load capacity of up to 35 kg, the C85 camera tripod is ideal for photographers with professional and heavy equipment. At the same time, it is handy and easy to carry, weighing just 2.01 kg. Thanks to its low weight, you can easily take it anywhere. With the quick-release twist locks, the carbon fiber tripod is ready for use in seconds and can be stowed away just as quickly. The feet can be replaced in no time at all, depending on the condition of the ground. Equipped with rubber feet or spikes, the C85 tripod is ready for any surface.Scope of delivery: Kingjoy Mountain Series Carbon Tripod C85 3x non-slip rubber feet (pre-assembled) 3x spike feetsize Bag Belt for bag Screwdriver Instruction manual Important: The scope of delivery does not include a tripod head! This is available individually or as a set.
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