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ROUND Magnetic Entry Level ND Round Filter Set
Diameter: 77mm
The magnetic round filters from Kase are made of high quality KW glass, which is especially characterized by its color neutrality. You can therefore rely on your image quality. These filters are perfect for photographers who do not need a complete square system. The advantage is that they are lighter and more compact. Each set consists of an ND8 filter, an ND64 filter, a CPL, a magnetic adapter ring, a matching magnetic lens cap and a filter bag. These kits of our magnetic round filters are interesting for both photographers and filmmakers and allow you to control both reflections and light. Our magnetic round filter kits are available in diameters of 67mm, 72mm, 77mm, 82mm and 95mm. Delivery Scope: 1x magnetic CPL (polarizing filter) 1x magnetic ND8 1x magnetic ND64 1x magnetic adapter ring ("creates" the magnetism on the side of the lens) - Attention: This is no Step Up Ring! 1x magnetic lens cap 1x Filter bag We recommend our magnetic step-up rings, for example to use the magnetic round filter kit with larger diameters (95mm or 82mm) on lenses with 77mm, 72mm or 67mm diameters.

ROUND Wolverine Magnetic Professional ND Filter Set
Diameter: 77mm
The magnetic round filters from Kase are made of robust, colour neutral professional optical glass like our Wolverine square filters. So you can trust in your picture quality! These filters fit perfectly for photographers which don't need a full square filter system. The advantave is they are more compact. The sets consist of one ND8, one ND64, one ND1000, one CPL, one magetic adapter ring and the filter bag. These magnetic round filter kits are made for photographer and film maker who want to reduce the light reflexes. Delivery Scope: 1x Magnetic CPL Filter 1x Magnetic ND8 Filter 1x Magnetic ND64 Filter 1x Magnetic ND1000 Filter 1x Magnetic Adapter Ring ("creates" the magnetism on the side of the lens) - Attention: This is no Step Up Ring! 1x Magnetic lens cover 1x Filter Bag

Variants from €359.90*
ROUND Magnetic Master Set
Diameter: 77mm
The ROUND magnetic master set combines the advantages of the magnetic round filters and the rectangular gradiant filter: Without screwing, the magnetic filters are easy to mount and it is still possible to adjust the GND in vertical direction to move it to the best position. The set contains: 77mm variant: 1x 95mm Soft GND 0.91x 77mm ND10001x 77mm Polarizer1x 77mm magnetic Adapter ring1x 77-95mm magnetic Holder1x 95mm magnetic Lens Cap1x Filter Bag82mm variant: 1x 95mm Soft GND 0.91x 82mm ND10001x 82mm Polarizer1x 82mm magnetic Adapter Ring1x 82-95mm magnetic Holder1x 95mm magnetic Lens Cap1x Filter BagProduct Video:

ROUND Professional ND Filter Set for Nikon Z 14-24mm F2.8
The magnetic round filter set with a diameter of 112mm was specially developed for this Nikon Z 14-24mm F2.8 lens. The filters can also be used on lenses with a smaller diameter than 112mm. Please use corresponding Magnetic Step Up Adapter Rings from our accessories for this purpose. Scope of delivery: 1x Magnetic 112mm CPL 1x Magnetic 112mm ND8 Filter 1x Magnetic 112mm ND64 Filter 1x Magnetic 112mm ND1000 10 Stops ND Filter 1x Magnetic Adapter Ring 1x Filter Bag 1x Magnetic Lens Cap


Magnetic ROUND Filter Set for Nikon Z 14-24mm F2.8 Lens

This makes it possible to use our magnetic round filters on the ultra wide-angle lens.

With our round filter sets you get:

The filter kits are super easy to clean and are therefore quickly ready for use again. 
The assembly is also done in no time at all, so that inexperienced photographers can also benefit from this filter. But magnetic round filters are also extremely interesting for professional filmmakers.
Control reflections and light as you need it and create impressive shots. Thanks to the oil and water-repellent coating, the filter can also be used outdoors and is fully functional. Create breathtaking shots that will amaze you. 
You can transport the filters safely with the supplied filter bag, which means that you remain mobile and flexible despite the wide variety of filters. You can order the filters from us in the following diameters: 67 mm, 72 mm, 77 mm, 82 mm, 95 mm and 112 mm.