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Environment and disposal

Waste batteries

Used batteries do not belong in household waste, but must be disposed of properly. Because they contain pollutants that can harm the environment and health. 
Consumers are legally obliged to take batteries to a suitable collection point at the retailer or municipality. The delivery is free of charge for you.

Where can I dispose of used batteries?

You can hand in used batteries at the following locations:

  • In collection containers in stores
  • At recycling centers
  • About municipal waste disposal

How do I return used batteries to Kase Filters?

You can also send your used batteries back to us. Please provide sufficient franking on the shipment.

Our address is:
Kase Filters Germany and Europe
Marienstraße 5
26180 Rastede

Why is the correct disposal of used batteries important?

The correct disposal of used batteries is important for several reasons:

  • Environmental protection: Old batteries contain toxic chemicals and heavy metals that can pollute the environment.
  • Health protection: Improper disposal can have harmful health effects on people and animals.
  • Conservation of resources: Correct recycling enables the recovery of valuable metals and contributes to the conservation of natural resources.
  • Legal regulations: Compliance with legal regulations is important to avoid legal consequences.
  • Avoiding the risk of fire: Improper disposal can increase the risk of fires caused by gaseous or flammable substances in the batteries

Tips for the correct disposal of used batteries

  • Remove the batteries from the device before discarding it.
  • Store used batteries safely, e.g. B. in a closed container.
  • Take used batteries to a suitable collection point.

Dispose of old devices correctly

Electrical and electronic devices that are no longer used are old devices. They must not be disposed of with household waste, but must be collected and disposed of separately.

Where can I dispose of old devices?

You can hand in old devices at the following locations:

  • recycling centers
  • collection points in stores
  • About municipal waste disposal

What do I have to consider when submitting?

  • Remove all batteries and rechargeable batteries from old devices before handing them in.
  • If possible, separate old devices according to type and size.
  • Bring the old devices complete and undamaged to the collection point.

Why is the correct disposal of old devices important?

  • Conservation of resources: Correct disposal enables recycling of valuable old equipment raw materials and reduces the need for new mining.
  • Reduce environmental impact:Recycling old devices minimizes environmental impact such as raw material extraction, transport and incineration of waste.
  • Sustainable use of materials: Reusing recycled raw materials promotes sustainable material use and reduces the ecological footprint.
  • Energy saving: Recycling often requires less energy than recovering new raw materials, leading to energy savings.
  • Waste prevention: Proper disposal prevents old devices from being dumped in landfills, reduces waste volumes and environmental impact

Note on data protection

Old devices often contain sensitive personal data. Please delete this data yourself before submitting it.

Crossed-out garbage can symbol

The “crossed-out wheelie bin” symbol means that the product does not belong in household waste. It must be collected and disposed of separately.