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Kase graduated neutral density (GND) filters

Gradient filters or simply GND filters are an important tool for any photographer who wants to capture scenes with balanced exposure. Having a grey coating on one half, they reduce the bright light coming from one side to balance the highlights and lowlights.

At Kase, you can find a huge variety of gradient filters: soft, medium, hard and reverse GND filters, as well as filter kits! Check our catalogue below.

Features of the graduated neutral density filters from Kase

At Kase, you´ll find square and circular graduated ND filters made of high-quality materials. When choosing Kase filters, you get:

  • Excellent colour neutrality
  • Oil- and water-resistant
  • Shock-resistant optical glass

What is a graduated neutral density filter?

The GND (graduated neutral density) filter or graduated filter, or gradient filter is a type of filter that has a gradient coating on the glass. By placing the dark part of the filter over the bright area, you can even out the exposure and capture both highlights and shadows without having one part of the image overexposed. Gradient filters are used to balance exposure in scenes with a contrast between bright and dark areas, such as landscapes with a bright sky.

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Types of Kase graduated filters: find the right one for your needs!

Soft GND filter

This gradient filter has a smooth transition between the dark and clear parts of the filter. They are perfect for shooting scenes that have a gradual transition between bright and dark, such as landscapes with rolling hills, and mountains.

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Hard GND filter

A hard graduated filter has an abrupt transition between the dark and clear parts of the filter. They work well for situations where there's a distinct horizon, for example, when capturing seas or cityscapes with a straight skyline.

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Medium GND filter

Medium GND filter has a transition which is in between soft and hard graduated filters. They can be used when the horizon isn't entirely straight but still maintains some defined separation.

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Reverse GND filter

Unlike other graduated filters, the reverse GND filter has the darkest part in the centre gradually becoming clearer towards the top. These filters are specifically created to capture scenes with bright horizons.

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When to use a gradient filter (GND)?

Gradient filters are specifically designed to balance the exposure in scenes with a significant difference in between parts of the image. In most cases, they are used by landscape photographers. Here are some situations when you can use graduated neutral density filters:

  • Landscapes with bright skies: A GND filter helps to avoid overexposure when capturing landscapes where the sky is much brighter than the foreground.
  • Seascapes: When shooting the sea, the horizon can appear even brighter due to the sunlight reflections on the water. A gradient filter can be used to prevent the sky from becoming overexposed while still retaining details in the water and foreground.
  • Urban skylines: Photographing cityscapes with bright buildings against a vibrant sky can be a challenge when it comes to exposure. A graduated filter can help you maintain building details while keeping skies from becoming overexposed.

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