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Special features and advantages of the KASE Filter Holders

Filters are as popular today as they ever were. The useful helpers support you in capturing unique images in just a few simple steps, thereby reducing the effort for subsequent post-processing or making it completely superfluous. 

However, our popular screw-in and magnetic filters cannot always be used because they may not fit every lens. With some lenses, the lens hood prevents the use of a screw filter. An adapter can possibly help here, but it is often much easier to switch to a filter system including a filter holder. This also allows different filters such as CPL, ND and gradient filters to be combined. If you choose one of our kits, there is also a bag for storing your filters and filter holders.

The option described can be combined, is unbeatably flexible and can be used universally, but requires a filter holder. This can accommodate both our rectangular filters and a round filter, and fits on different lenses thanks to the different sizes (75mm, 100mm, 150mm, 170mm) and adapter rings. Particularly practical are our holders with several filter slots, which make it possible to take photos with several rectangular filters at the same time, such as a gray filter or gray graduated filter together with a polarization filter.