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Discover the power of Kase reflex lenses

  • Prime lens quality
    High quality aluminium lens for best results
  • Ultra coating technology
    Nano reflective coating + advanced reflecting coating
  • Compact design
    Only 67mm lens diameter
  • Doughnut bokeh effect
    Create stunning bokeh effect adding artistic touch to your photos
  • Ideal for portraits
    But also valuable in landscape and city photography!

Doughnut bokeh effect with Kase reflex lenses

FAQ about Kase reflex lenses

What is a reflex lens?

A reflex lens, also known as a mirror lens, uses a combination of mirrors and lenses to achieve long focal lengths in a compact design. This type of lens is known for its unique bokeh effect, often producing circular highlights in the out-of-focus areas of the image.

How can I create the doughnut bokeh effect with a Kase reflex lens?

To get the doughnut bokeh effect, set your aperture to f/5.6 and focus on a subject that has a distant background. The unique optical design of the reflex lens will capture out-of-focus highlights as circular or doughnut-shaped bokeh.

What are the best shooting conditions when using a Kase reflex lens?

If you want to achieve doughnut effect, the best is to shoot in well-lit environments with dotted light (e.g. various background dots, light coming out through the gaps between leaves, etc.). Experiment with different lighting and backgrounds to get the most out of your lens.

Do I need to use any equipment with Kase reflex lens?

It’s advisable to use tripod and shutter release to ensure sharp images and best quality.