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Infrared Filter | Special Filter

Stunning quality of Kase infrared camera filters for your stunning shots

Optical glass

Shock-resistant high-definition glass for professional clarity

Easy to clean

Nano-coating makes the filter water- and oil-repellent

Perfect for landscapes

Turn your landscapes into art and capture what the human eye cannot see

FAQ about infrared camera lens filters

How does an infrared filter work?

Infrared lens filters are used to block visible light while allowing infrared wavelengths to pass through to the camera's sensor. While our eyes can only perceive colours within the visible spectrum, digital camera sensors are sensitive to a wider range of light, including infrared. By using an infrared filter, photographers can regulate the amount of infrared light reaching the camera sensor while reducing any interference caused by visible light.

What is the effect of an infrared camera filter?

Infrared lens filters drastically alter the colour rendition of a scene. They often result in surreal, otherworldly colours, with foliage appearing white or light pink, and the sky taking on a deep blue or even black hue, depending on the intensity of infrared light present in the environment. They also tend to enhance contrast in images, particularly in landscapes. Infrared light interacts with different materials in unique ways, revealing textures and details that may not be as prominent in visible light photography.

What material are infrared filters made of?

Our infrared lens filters are crafted from high-quality optical glass. This premium material ensures exceptional clarity of images and durability.

When is it better to use an infrared camera lens filter?

The best time to use an infrared lens filter is during sunny days. This is because infrared photography relies on capturing infrared wavelengths, which are abundant in sunlight. Images captured in bright sunlight have an enhanced contrast, vibrant colours (when shooting in colour), and striking black and white renditions (when shooting in monochrome).

Can infrared camera filters be used for both colour and black-and-white photography?

Yes, infrared filters can be used for both types of photography. You can easily experiment with different artistic styles and expressions.

Is the camera conversion necessary when shooting with Kase infrared filters?

In general, camera conversion is not necessary when using infrared filters from Kase. These filters can be attached directly to the camera lens for infrared photography. Please, always check the specifications of products to be sure.