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Polarizing Filter | Smartphone

What is a Polarizing Filter used for in photography?

The polarizing filter is a true all-rounder, because it combines several functions in one attachment. Anyone who sees such a filter for the first time will immediately notice that something can be adjusted here. The circular polarization filters in particular can be easily adjusted as desired by twisting them. Depending on the setting, the polarization filter changes its polarization direction and thus has two different effects:

Intensify colors - Turning the filter changes the contrast. The effect can already be seen in the viewfinder and can therefore be adjusted precisely. It is therefore worth using this polarization filter to ensure a higher contrast, especially for landscape shots, for example of colorful flower meadows. Alternatively, of course, the colors in the image can also be changed later with an image editing program, but the less work you have to do with the image afterwards, the better.

Reduce or increase reflections - In contrast to the contrast, reflections in glass panes or in the water cannot be changed later, but can be changed directly during the recording with the help of a polarizing filter. When photographing with a polarizing filter, it is best to first focus on the subject. Then turning the filter brings more reflections or makes them almost completely disappear. The use of the polarizing filter is particularly worthwhile if fish are to be photographed or if the photographer just wants to achieve a clean reflection like on a lake.
The following example images clearly show the effect with and without a filter.