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Lens hood vs filter: everything you need to know about using them

Discover the benefits of lens hoods vs UV filters, polarizing filters and ND filters. Learn more about using lens hoods and filters at the same time.

Essential camera filters for landscape photography

Find out what lens filters you need to use in landscape photography to take even better images. Get tips on choosing filters and when to use them.

UV filter for camera lens: is it necessary or not?

This blog will help you to decide whether a UV filter is necessary for your lens or not. Debunking myths and describing all the pros and cons of UV filters.

How to clean UV, ND, CPL and other camera lens filters

Discover tools, techniques, and tips for cleaning lens filters effectively. Learn how to clean camera filters without damaging them in our step-by-step guide.

Why ND filters are essential for landscape photography and how to use them

Discover what effects you can achieve with ND filters and how to use them in landscape photography. See what ND filters are the best for shooting landscapes.

A guide to using polarizing filters in portrait photography

Is it worth using CPL filters in portrait photography? Find out when it is beneficial to use polarizing filters and get tips on how to shoot good portraits.