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UV Filters for Lens Protection: Kase Round series

R-MCUV Filters: Start protecting your camera lenses with Kase Ultra-Violet Filters

UV filters are used in photography to reduce the haze and bluish cast caused by ultraviolet rays, enhancing image clarity and protecting the camera lens. Kase R-MCUV filters have a resistance coating to protect the filter surfaces from dust, scratches, and abrasions, making them easy to clean.

Why choose Kase UV Filters

Kase Screw-in Ultra-Violet Filters provide essential lens protection, are easy to clean and practical for every day usage.

Unique color control

Unique color control

change filters fast

Quickly swap filters

liquid repelent

Oil and water repellent nano coating

optical gladd and aluminium

Made from optical glass and aluminum

Why should you use UV Filters: Advantages

  • Reliably protects your lens from damage
  • Reduces reflections, especially in backlit situations
  • Screw-in thread on the lens side
  • Magnetic attachment for mounting additional magnetic round filters on it
  • Over 99% transmission
  • Frame made of aluminium with carbon pattern
  • Depth: 3.95mm

What you should know about Kase Ultra-Violet Filters

The UV filter guarantees excellent image quality with fewer reflections.

The coatings and impact-resistant glass are designed to provide extra protection for your lens against:

  • UV light
  • Dirt and dust
  • Mechanical impacts

Multicoated MCUV filters: resistant and highest quality

Kase MCUV filters are made with an 18-layer multi-layer coating that filters ultraviolet light and effectively reduces filter reflection and ghosting, while the filter is scratch-resistant, water-resistant, oil- and dust-resistant.

They are also very thin and made from light aluminum frame that still reliably protects the glass from impacts. Due to its slim design, vignetting is effectively avoided. The coatings based on nanotechnology (lotus effect) creates a better beading effect with water, which makes cleaning this filter easier and faster.