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K100 K9 Filter Holder Set incl. CPL Polarizing Filter for 100mm Filters
The Kase K9 filter holder set for 100x100mm or 100x150mm rectangular filters was developed as a filter holder solution for conventional rectangular filters with a thickness of 2mm as well as for our K100 SLIM filters (1.1mm material thickness). The current version of the K9 filter holder uses combined filter rails that can hold both normal 2.0mm rectangular filters and 1.1mm slim rectangular filters. Combinar diferentes filtros juntos Please note: If you mount slim and normal rectangular filters at the same time, you must mount the slim filter first - in the first rail - counting from the lens end / filter holder. Advantages of the K100K9 Filter Holder Kase Set The K9 filter holder set is excellent basic equipment for a photographer and offers everything you need to get started with filter photography straight away. The K9 filter holder set from Kase impresses with: its large scope of deliveryits ease of use andits excellent price-performance ratio CPL Filter Included As a special feature, the filter holder has a newly developed round 90mm polarising filter, which is attached to the base insert of the K9 filter holder via magnetism and no longer needs to be screwed into the adapter ring. This enables the polarising filter to be attached and removed quickly when in use.
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ARMOUR High End Set
The Kase ARMOUR High End Set is the ideal introduction to the fascinating world of Kase ARMOUR. It includes the ARMOUR filter holder, a filter bag for up to 6 filters and adapters. The Kase ARMOUR filter set is ideal for professional photographers and ambitious hobby photographers who want to benefit from the numerous advantages of Kase Wolverine filters. With their first-class quality, the practical magnetic holder for quick attachment and the additional protection provided by Kase ARMOUR, these filters offer a perfect solution.
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ARMOUR Filter Holder Set incl. CPL and 2 Frames
The Kase ARMOUR filter holder set is a great start to your Kase ARMOUR experience. It includes the ARMOUR filter holder and adapter. The Kase ARMOUR filter set is perfect for both professional and amateur photographers who want to use filters with all the benefits of Kase Wolverine filters, the speed of magnets and the added protection of Kase ARMOUR.Special features:Magnetic 95mm polarising filterFaster mounting time compared to the classic rectangular filter systemAdditional protection for the rectangular filters due to special aluminium frames with magnetic functionFewer fingerprints on the edges of the filtersHardened Pro HD optical glassHighest colour accuracyMetallic nano-coatingsScratch resistantShock resistantWater and dust/dirt-resistantEasy to cleanCircular Magnetic ND filter reduces light lossThe ARMOUR filter system fits perfectly with Kase rectangular filters as well as those of other brands.What is included?1x 100mm ARMOUR aluminium filter holder1x 95mm ARMOUR magnetic CPL filter2x Magnetic Base Adapter Rings: 77-95mm & 82-95mm2x Screw-in Step Up Adapter Rings: 67-82mm & 72-82mm1x magnetic aluminium frame 100x150mm1x magnetic aluminium frame 100x100mm1x plastic lens cap1x high-quality hexagonal screwdriverTo use the filter holder with other lens filter sizes smaller than 82mm, please use matching screw-in step-up adapter rings. For example, to use the ARMOUR system with a 58mm filter thread, you only need an additional 58-82mm screw-in step-up adapter ring.
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K100 Wolverine Master Set with K9 Filter Holder
Our Wolverine Master Set is the top set of the K100 100x150mm rectangular filter world from Kase. The set consists of our proven K100 Filter Holder, a magnetic 90mm polarizing filter (circular), 2 Adapter and Step Up Adapter Rings as well as three 100x150mm GND (gray graduated filters) and two Wolverine ND Filters (gray filters). The set consists of the following items: 1x K9 Filter Holder Set  2x Basic Adapter Rings (77mm-90mm and 82-90mm)  2x Screw In Step Up Adapter Rings (67mm-82mm and 72mm-82mm) 1x 90mm magnetic 90mm Polarizing Filter1x Wolverine 100x150mm ND64 6 Stops gray filter1x Wolverine 100x150mm ND1000 10 Stops gray filter1x Wolverine 100x150mm Soft GND 0.9 3 Stops graduated filter  1x Wolverine 100x150mm Soft GND 1.2 4 Stops graduated filter 1x Wolverine 100x150mm Reverse GND 0.9 3 Stops graduaded filter 1x K100 Soft Filter Bag for 100x100mm and 100x150mm filters 1x Microfiber Cloth
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K75 Entry Level Set 75x100mm with Filter Holder and Magnetic CPL
Das K75 SLIM Entry Level Set is der ideale Einstieg zur Fotografie mit unseren 75x100mm Filtern. Lieferumfang: 1x 75x100mm Filterhalter 1x Magnetischer 70mm Polfilter 1x 75x100mm Soft GND 0.9 3 Stops Verlaufsfilter 1x 75x100mm ND1000 10 Stops ND Filter 1x Soft Tasche Bitte bestellen Sie ggf. notwendige Adapterringe zusätzlich. Hinweis: Bitte beachten Sie, dass das K75mm System nur mit Objektiven bis zu einem Durchmesser von 67mm verwendet werden kann. Hintergrund ist, dass der Innendurchmesser des Halters bei 67mm liegt. Sollten Sie das System mit Ultraweitinkellinsen verwenden wollen, so vergewissern Sie sich ggf. über unseren Support ob das passt. Generell hierbei bitte bedenken, dass Objektive mit einer Brennweite <16mm eher mit einem 100mm System verwendet werden sollten um einer möglichen Vignettierung vorzubeugen.
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ARMOUR Entry Level Set 2
The Kase ARMOUR Entry Level Set is the ideal introduction to the world of Kase ARMOUR. It contains the ARMOUR filter holder, a filter bag for up to 6 filters and adapters. The Kase ARMOUR filter set is particularly suitable for professional and amateur photographers who want to benefit from the advantages of Kase Wolverine filters - be it in terms of quality, quick attachment thanks to magnets or the additional protection provided by Kase ARMOUR. With the selection of filters in this set, you are ideally equipped for most scenarios. Use the soft graduated filter to even out the light and capture the details in landscapes and city scenes perfectly.
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