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Magnetic Polarizers (CPL Filters) | ROUND Series

Circular Polarizing Filters - Kase CPL camera filters

CPL stands for Circular Polarizer. Polarizing filters reduce reflections and light reflections from non-metallic surfaces in photo motifs. Despite digital image processing, people still depend on CPL filters because circular polarizing filters in photography compensate for the incorrect measurements of simple or linear polarization that can occur with modern DSLRs (single-lens reflex cameras) and DSLMs (system cameras). For example, in architectural photography, the reflections from windows are removed or amplified, or water is made to appear clear and transparent in landscape photography. The circular polarizer therefore filters the reflections of the environment and the sky.

At the same time, CPL camera lens filters intensify contrasts and make the green of the grasses and the blue of the sky appear richer or more contrasting. By turning the polarizing filter, the function can be perceived directly through the viewfinder of the camera, because the intensification of the green and blue tones and the reduction of the reflections is directly visible.

Photographing through the water surface with a circular polarizing filter

For example, if you want to photograph the fish in a body of water, there are often reflections of the sky or trees on the water surface. Therefore the fish are not or hardly to be recognized on the photo at all. With a circular polarizer on the camera these reflections of the sky on the water surface are almost completely eliminated, so that the fish are clearly visible in the picture.

Improve colours in landscape photography with a CPL filter

Another common problem is that especially on cloudy days the different shades of green often look very similar in nature. With a polarizing filter you can create bright colors here. The reason for this is that the sky is also reflected on the leaves. The surface does not reflect as much as for example water, but the white of the sky is reflected here as well. This means that the green tones are not as strong as on a sunny day. So by using a polarizing filter on the camera, you can avoid the reflections and create more colorful images. This effect of the circular polarizer filter can be used in almost all areas of nature photography.

Using a polarizer filter to enhance the contrast and the blue of the sky

If a subject is at a 90° angle to the sun, a polarizing filter can be used to enhance the blue of the sky. Excellent colors and contrasts can only be achieved with the help of this filter.