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Polarizing Filter | ROUND Series

Buy screw-on Polarizing Filters from Kase Filter 

Should I choose push-in or screw-on Filters? 

Plug-in Filter: 

CPL plug-in filters are not used as often as CPL screw filters. However, these have the advantage that they can be changed more quickly than screw-in filters and can still be adjusted in height. The problem is that light can penetrate through slits from the outside, especially with cheaper plug-in filters. We were able to avoid this problem with our plug-in filters by using seals on the filter holders. We offer you plug-in filters in the sizes 100x100 mm, 150x150 mm and 170x170 mm. Another problem with CPL plug-in filters is that they cannot be rotated as easily as round filters. We have solved this disadvantage with our new K100 plug-in filter with rotating function. 

  • to switch quickly
  • Adjustable in height
  • Not often used in practice
  • With cheap filters, light can enter from the outside
  • Normal CPL plug-in filters cannot be rotated.


Screw Filter: 

If you screw a CPL screw filter onto your lens, it can be used immediately. Since this type of filter is screwed directly onto the lens, it is very difficult or impossible for light to penetrate from the outside. In addition, as already mentioned, turning a screw filter is much easier. However, changing takes a little longer and it can happen that the filter is stuck on the lens if it is screwed on too tightly. Here you should listen to the saying "After fest comes from". 

  •  Ready to use immediately after attachment
  •  Outside light is completely avoided
  •  Rotating the filter is easier to do
  •  Changing takes a little more time  
  • Can be overtightened