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Kase MovieMate Matte Box: Ideal for Moviemakers

Kase MovieMate Matte Box is an essential tool for any filmmaker.

This matte box is able to keep unwanted light reflections away from the lens in order to achieve razor-sharp, high-quality images. The MovieMate Matte Box is made of durable materials and easily attaches to almost any lens. It also features an adjustable shadow shade for extra control over the light, suitable for a variety of shooting situations.

The MovieMate Matte Box is an indispensable tool for anyone who wants to create professional-looking film recordings.


Change the filters within a few seconds

Lightweight yet tough!

The MovieMate Matte Box is made of robust aluminum and carbon

Perfect for filmmakers

The MatteBox is especially designed for filmmakers to filter out unwanted light from the scene

Magnetic Installation

for filters and lens hood

MovieMate Magnetic Matte Box Caracteristics

MovieMate Magnetic Matte Box Holder Set: What's included?

  • 1x MovieMate Matte Box Frame
  • 1x Hood
  • 1x Built-in Filter holder
  • 1x Magnetic Filter Frame for 4.0mm Cinema Filter
  • 1x Magnetic Adapter Ring 67mm
  • 1x Magnetic Adapter Ring 72mm
  • 1x Magnetic Adapter Ring 77mm
  • 1x Magnetic Adapter Ring 82mm