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UV Protection Filter | ROUND Series

Round magnetic UV filters protect your lens 

A UV filter to protect your lens is essential for all types of photography. It prevents scratches and dirt on your front lens. The UV filter is usually designed for permanent use.

What does a UV Filter do for the camera? 

 As the name suggests, the UV filter primarily helps against the sun. Due to its nature, it ensures that the intense rays do not penetrate to the sensor and damage it. Despite the sun visor, the sunlight can always fall right into the lens and then such protection makes sense. The UV filter also serves another function that cannot be derived from the name. 

Since it is usually the cheapest of all filters, it can be used to protect the outermost lens glass. For example, anyone who has ever dropped the camera with the expensive lens first while taking a picture will quickly learn to appreciate this protective function.

In most cases, only the glass of the filter cracks in such a situation and the lens remains undamaged. Even in crowds, for example at the Christmas market, sharp objects often get in the immediate vicinity of the lens. If you don't have a cap on the lens, you are at least protected by the UV filter.