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Graduated ND filters | ROUND Series

Kase magnetic circular graduated ND filters (GND) for photography

Below you will find all our magnetic circular graduated neutral density filters and information about them. Choose the filter that fits best your needs.

FAQ about circular graduated ND filters

What is a graduated neutral density filter?

Graduated ND filters, or simply GND, are glass filters that are darkened on one end and clear on the other end. In the middle of the filter, these two areas flow into one another, from clear to dark. This transition line varies depending on the type of GND filter.

In general, graduated ND filters are used to balance the exposure of a scene which consists of a bright and a darker part. This is especially the case in landscape photography, where you have a darker subject (for example, a forest) in the foreground and a much lighter sky in the background.

The human eye can visualize a very large range of light and dark. Unfortunately, modern camera sensors are still not capable of capturing this dynamic range like the human eye can. Therefore, the use of graduated ND filters helps to capture the dynamic range of such a scene, e.g. in landscape photography, with a single exposure instead of combining several different shots with different exposure times.

What are the different types of GND filters and when should you use them?

  1. Soft GND filters: These filters have a very soft transition from transparent to dark. They are suitable for scenes that have a wide or interrupted transition from the sky to the actual foreground. An example of a scene that should be shot with a soft GND filter is a mountain landscape that crosses the horizon line or a rock standing out from the sea surface.
  2. Hard GND filters: This type of GND filter has a sharp transition from clear to dark. They are suitable for scenes that have a visible transition from the sky to the actual foreground. This filter is most useful for landscape shots in which no elements protrude above the horizon, for example, shots of the sea with a wide view of the ocean.
  3. Medium GND filters: Medium GND filters are like filters with a soft transition, but the gradient is not quite as smooth. These filters are the most versatile and can be used in most situations to photograph away from or against the sun.
  4. Reverse GND filters: Reverse graduated ND filters are similar to the hard GND filter except that the darkest part of the filter is in the centre. These filters are used for shots that are taken against a light source and where the light is most intense on the horizon.

In which situations are graduated ND filters useful?

Graduated ND filters are particularly useful in situations with big differences in brightness, such as landscapes with a bright sky and darker foreground. They help balance exposure by reducing the intensity of light in specific areas, resulting in well-exposed and visually appealing images. Here are some of the situations in which the GND filter is helpful:

  • Landscapes with bright skies and darker foreground;
  • Sunrises and sunsets;
  • Mountain photography;
  • Cityscapes with bright lights.

Can the effect of a graduated neutral density filter be reproduced in post-processing?

Digital post-processing on the computer can be an alternative. You would need to merge two images into one image to get a similar effect. However, the result is usually nowhere near as good as when using a graduated ND filter. Furthermore, the appeal for most photographers lies in capturing an almost perfect image with just one shot. It is not nearly as fascinating to achieve the result by tinkering together different images. After all, the appeal of photography lies and has always lay in the best possible and most creative compromise.

What sizes are available for the magnetic circular graduated ND filters?

We offer a diverse range of sizes to accommodate various lenses. Our magnetic circular graduated ND filters are available in sizes ranging from 67mm to 112mm. However, please note that the availability of sizes may vary for each specific model. To view the sizes available for a particular filter, please visit the page of the filter you are interested in where you'll find a detailed list of compatible diameters.

Do circular graduated ND filters affect image quality?

High-quality GND filters, when used correctly, typically have a minimal impact on image quality. Generally, Kase filters have high-quality optical glass which doesn’t result in colour shift. Multi-coating helps to reduce glare and reflections.

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