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Enjoy the comfort of using filters with magnetic adapter rings

Effortless attachment

Our magnetic adapter rings eliminate the hassle of screwing on filters. With magnetic attachment, you can swap or stack filters in no time.

Wide compatibility

Designed to fit different lens sizes, our adapter rings are compatible with most of standard lenses – from 49 to 112mm.

Lightweight and durable

Our adapter rings are made of aluminium. While being an affordable solution, they will serve you for years.

More about magnetic adapter rings for camera filters

Are magnetic adapter rings compatible with all types of camera filters?

You can use them for a wide range of magnetic circular filters, including ND or CPL filters. Some magnetic adapter rings are compatible with a specific series of Kase filters or with a specific type of filter. If that’s the case, you will find these details in the product description.

Is it possible to attach several filters simultaneously to the magnetic adapter ring?

Yes, you can stack multiple magnetic filters with ease. If you have a UV screw-in filter and would like to use it too, you can screw it on the lens before attaching our magnetic adapter ring, and after continue with attaching a magnetic filter.

How to use a magnetic adapter ring?

Place the adapter ring onto your lens like you would do with a filter. Do not overtighten it. Then, attach your desired filter to the magnetic surface of the ring. The strong magnets will hold your filter securely in place and you can start shooting.

What is a magnetic step-up ring?

A magnetic step-up ring allows you to use filters designed for larger diameter lenses on a lens with a smaller diameter. So, for example, if your favourite filter is 82mm and you would like to use it on a lens of 77mm, you need to use a step-up ring for this. It’s a great option which allows you to avoid buying a new filter for a smaller lens.

Do step-up rings affect image quality?

When properly manufactured and used, step-up adapter rings should not affect image quality. Lower-quality rings may cause vignetting, particularly at wider angles. To ensure the best image quality, choose step-up rings that are specifically designed for wide-angle use and maintain proper alignment with your lens.

How to choose the size of the step-up filter ring?

To determine the correct size, you'll need to identify the diameter of your lens's filter thread. This information is often printed on the front of the lens next to the symbol Ø or can be found in the lens specifications.

Once you know the lens diameter, select a step-up adapter ring with that measurement on one end and the desired filter thread size on the other. For example, if your lens has a 58mm filter thread and you want to use filters with a 67mm thread, you'll need a 58mm to 67mm step-up ring.

Can I stack multiple step-up adapter rings?

It can be possible to stack several screw-in step-up filter rings and mount the magnetic step-up ring on top. Note, that if use a magnetic step-up ring that has a tread on the lens side and is magnetic on the filter side, you won’t be able to mount two of these rings together.