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Gray Gradient Filter | ROUND Series

What is a Gray Gradient Filter? 

Basically, GND filters are glass filters that are darkened on one end and clear on the other end. In the middle of the filter, these two areas flow into one another, from clear to dark. This transition varies depending on the type of GND filter. In general, the filters are used to balance the exposure of a scene, which in most cases consists of a bright part and a darker part.

This is especially the case in landscape photography, where the actual, darker subject is, for example, a forest in the foreground and the much lighter sky is in the background. The human eye is able to visualize a very large range of light and dark. This is also known as the "dynamic range" of a scene.

Unfortunately, modern camera sensors are still not capable of capturing this dynamic range like the human eye can. Therefore, the use of gray gradient filters helps to capture the dynamic range of such a scene, e.g. in landscape photography, with a single exposure instead of combining several different shots with different exposure times.