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Astro Filter | ROUND Series

How do Kase Astro Filters work? 

In order to understand how exactly the night light filters of the Astroklar series work and how they facilitate astrophotography and night photography, you have to understand how exactly the so-called light bells are created. The portion of the artificial light radiated upwards into the atmosphere reflects again off the atmospheric layers, such as atmospheric dust and water, and is thus widely dispersed. This creates the so-called light bell, because the air is brightened, it is penetrated by light.

A city with around 25,000 inhabitants is enough to brighten the sky within a radius of approx. 20 kilometers and thus disrupt astrophotography and city and landscape photography at night due to light pollution. It is therefore a side effect of industrialization. The biggest producers of light pollution are industrial plants, large cities and highly directional spotlights from airports or high beams from cars and light art such as sky beamers and laser shows.

This light smog then envelops nocturnal motifs like a kind of veil, so that the natural night light appears yellowish and the visibility of stars is reduced as a result. Our Astroklar filters are specially coated so that as far as possible all light waves of the entire color spectrum can pass and predominantly the yellow and orange light wavelengths are blocked.

This keeps unwanted wavelengths from reaching the camera sensor. The cleaning of the light waves that takes place in this way ensures more detailed recordings with significantly more brilliance and structure, especially in night city and landscape photography or astrophotography.