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More about ND Filters for the DJI Mavic 3 Classic

What filters do you need for drones?

  • ND Filters: It is the most popular filter for drones. With the neutral density filter, drone images are darkened evenly for optimal image quality. Read more about ND Filters.
  • CPL Filters: Reduces reflections on non-metallic surfaces. These reflections occur on glass or the surface of water, for example. In addition, a CPL filter increases the contrast of the image. Read more about Polarizing Filters.
  • UV-Filter: Ultraviolet light, which can cause a blue cast, is filtered out. This is already included with the Mavic 2 Pro drone. Read more about UV Filters.
  • Verlaufsfilter: Compensates for differences in contrast between the sky and the ground.


DJI Mavic 3 Classic Drone ND Filter

Generally, filters are used to create or reduce an effect. Neutral density filters or ND filters are used to achieve a uniform darkening of the image. This effect is comparable to sunglasses. Neutral density filters are made of glass or plastic and are screwed or plugged in front of the lens.

The darkening of the image is achieved by neutral gray colored lenses. That is why they are called gray filters, among other things. In addition, the use of ND filters allows flexible adjustment options, such as the shutter speed and ISO value of the camera drones.

In addition, gray filters are needed for long exposures with a drone. The smear and flow effects are caused by slow shutter speeds.

Neutral density filter when photographing with drones.

  • DJI ND4 Filter: Passes 1/4 of the incident light, Reduces light by 2-stops
  • DJI ND8 Filter: Passes 1/8 of the incident light, Reduces the light by 3-stops
  • DJI ND16 Filter: Transmits 1/16 of the incident light, Reduces the light by 4 stops
  • DJI ND32 Filter: Transmits 1/32 of incident light, reduces light by 5 stops
  • DJI ND64 Filter: Passes 1/64 of the incident light, Reduces the light by 6-stops

The higher the number, the darker the ND filter. In this case, the higher the number, the less light gets through. This means that a higher ND number allows longer exposures.

Meanwhile, there are also hybrid filters, which are a combination of polarizing filters and neutral density filters. Hybrid filters for camera drones combine the advantages of the CPL and ND filters. Light reflections are minimized and the image is evenly exposed.

ND Filter Comparison Table

ND4 Filter Mavic
Reduces the incoming light on cloudy days
ND8 Filter Mavic
On slightly cloudy days, the light is dimmed by 3 stops
ND16 Filter Mavic In normal light conditions with no clouds in the sky, incoming daylight is minimized by 4 stops
ND32 Filter Mavic Reduces light penetration on bright, sunny days
ND64 Filter Mavic The light incidence is reduced by 6 stops on very sunny days or in snow and water

You can find our ND filter table with exposure times here.

Popular accessories for drones

Despite the Mavic 3 Classic's manual aperture, an ND filter set is essential. Various camera filters can be used for photography and filming with drones. Learn more details about useful accessories for the DJI Mavic 3 Classic drone: