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About us

Kase® is a well-known global filter brand, established in the German and European market since 2011, providing quality filter shooting experience to many professional landscape photographers and photo enthusiasts worldwide.


2. SkyEye Serie

- Launch of the 2nd SkyEye round filter set series. Easier assembly thanks to the magnetic attachment, color coding of the individual filters.



- Launch of the ARMOR filter holder series.

- Introduction of the Smartphone Series, ND, CPL Starbust and the Neutral Night Filter.


K9 Serie

- Launch of the Kase Wolverine magnetic round filter using KW optically shockproof glass. Besides the shock resistance, the magnetic installation way makes the filter installation easy.

- Introducing the lightest weight filter holder, the K9 filter holder kit. K9 has the lightest weight. Supports 90mm larger magnetic CPL to avoid vignetting. All these improvements have been collected from your great feedback. We keep listening and improving.

- Introducing the widest and highest resolution mobile phone lens on the market, 12mm Master Wide Angle Lens.

- Launch of the K75 filter holder and filters for smaller mirrorless lenses. With the large magnetic CPL and intelligent design, the Kase K75 system is the lightest and simplest system for smaller lenses.

- Launch of the K150P Magnetic Filter Holder Kits for Pear Shaped Wide Angle Lenses.
Also introduced the magnetic 150mm CPL and ND filter for the K150P holder.


K8 Serie

- Launched K8 Magnetic CPL Holder Kit, Magnetic ND Filter, Wolverine ND Filter, Slim Filter, Kino Filter, Mavic 2 Filter, ND3-1000 Adjustable Filter, 300mm Super Telephoto Cell Phone Lens.

- Kase has launched more and more diverse products to meet the needs of global photographers. In particular, the launch of the K8 Magnetic CPL Holder Kit. The innovative magnetic CPL design allows photographers to quickly install CPL magnetically instead of screwing it.



- With years of research and development by Kase optical engineers, the world's first shockproof square filters - the Wolverine Series Square Filters have been officially launched!

- KW's new optical glass has the same excellent optical quality as the SkyEye series and adds the impact resistance. The normal glass filter is generally fragile, the launch of the Wolverine series had solved this problem. The Wolverine series is popular with landscape photographers worldwide.


Drohe filter

- Launch of Skyeye Series Square Filter Set, G-MCUV, Round Filter Set, Square Filter Carrying Case, Drone Filter and Medium Format Square Filter Holder.


1. SkyEye Serie

- Kase developed the SkyEye series filters for the telephoto zoom lenses, so the expensive telephoto zoom lenses can use filters.

- Kase SkyEye series square filters were introduced for professional landscape photographers.


K150, K170 Serie

- Kase launched the K150, K170 series filter holders for the pear-shaped ultra wide-angle lenses.


K9 Serie

- Kase was awarded the certificate of China Antibacterial Industry Association.

- Kase Filter developed the second generation filters.



- Kase has successfully obtained the EU - CE quality and safety certification.

- Kase obtained EU RoHS environmental protection certification and US FCC quality and safety certification.

- Kase launched the SWR MCUV and HD37 MCUV series of copper rings.


Founding Kase® Filters

- Foundation of Kase® Filters

- The world's first antibacterial and mildew resistant filter has been officially launched