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Rechteckfilter 75mm

Discover our impressive collection of rectangular filters measuring 100x75mm with a mere 1.1mm glass thickness. Made from shockproof optical tempered glass, these filters offer unparalleled durability and exceptional optical quality.

Graduated Filters

Elevate your landscape and outdoor photography with our range of graduated filters. These filters feature a smooth transition from clear to dark, allowing for seamless exposure control. Capture stunning sunsets, sky-scapes, and vibrant cityscapes with ease.

ND Filters

Enhance your creativity by controlling the amount of light entering your lens. Our ND filters provide a neutral density effect, letting you achieve longer exposures and create captivating motion blur images. Perfect for capturing smooth waterfalls, mesmerizing light trails, and more.

Protective Filters

Safeguard your valuable lenses against scratches, dust, and moisture. Our protective filters provide an extra layer of protection without compromising image quality. Keep your gear in pristine condition, ensuring sharp and vibrant images every time.

Polarizing Filters

Eliminate unwanted reflections and enhance color saturation in your images. Our polarizing filters are designed to reduce glare, control reflections, and make colors pop. Ideal for landscape, architectural, and product photography, these filters provide uncompromising results.

Explore our premium selection of rectangular filters, featuring exceptional craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology. Elevate your photography to new heights with these indispensable tools. Shop now and enjoy professional-grade results in every shot!