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Make your photography vibrant with professional lighting equipment!

Light has a significant influence on the mood and atmosphere of a photo. Depending on the light source, intensity and direction, images can appear dramatic, romantic, melancholic, or cheerful. ColorGlow professional lighting equipment will help you to create a certain mood and express your artistic vision in photography and videography.

Explore our light equipment for photography and videography

Professional LED video light with integrated power bank ColorGlow TC 158
The ColorGlow TC 158 is a professional LED video light that impresses with its impressive functions and compact design. This versatile light is ideal for photo and video shoots and, thanks to its integrated power bank function, always provides sufficient power when you're on the move. Powerful LEDs: With its 135 powerful LEDs, the ColorGlow TC 158 produces a bright and even light that gives your photos a natural glow. The RGB colors open up a creative world of design and allow you to individually adjust the lighting in every scene and achieve impressive effects. Whether warm sunlight or cool moonlight - the infinitely adjustable color temperature from 2500 to 9900 Kelvin gives you all the freedom you need to create the perfect light for your shots.  Lightweight: With a weight of just 250g, the the ColorGlow TC 158 is extremely handy and easy to transport. The included hard case in carbon look protects the light from knocks and scratches and ensures that you can take it anywhere without having to worry about damage.  Integrated power bank: The built-in power bank function is another highlight of this LED video light. Thanks to this practical function, you can not only supply your camera or other devices with power, but also charge your smartphone or tablet - ideal for long days of filming or outdoor shoots. Scope of delivery: 1x ColorGlow TC 158 Professional LED video light with integrated power bank function 1x Hard Case in carbon look 1x USB C charging cable Overall, the ColorGlow TC 158 impresses with its highe luminosity, the versatile color design options and the practical power bank function.. Whether you are shooting professional videos, taking photos or live streaming, this LED video light will exceed your expectations and help you achieve stunning results.
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LED bar light with app control ColorGlow TC 210
Light up your world with the ColorGlow TC C210 LED light, a versatile and powerful lighting solution that brings your creative visions to life. Features: Long-lasting battery: With a massive 5,200 mAh battery capacity, this portable LED light shines for up to 12 hours, ensuring your space stays brilliantly lit for extended periods of time. Variety of colors: Immerse yourself in a world of endless possibilities with an astonishing palette of 36,000 colors (HSI), allowing you to create the perfect mood for any occasion. The color temperature can be infinitely adjusted from a warm and cozy 2,500 K to a clear and vibrant 9,900 K. App control: ColorGlow TC C210 is controlled via an intuitive app that allows you to easily fine-tune your lighting experience. Scope of delivery: 1x ColorGlow TC 210 LED flashlight with app control 1x storage bag 1x small tripod 1x USB C charging cable All in all, the ColorGlow TC 210 LED flashlight with app control impresses with its high luminosity, the varied color design options and the practical app control. Whether you're shooting professional videos, taking photos or live streaming, this LED video light will exceed your expectations and help you achieve stunning results.
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LED flashlight with app control ColorGlow TC C2
Let your creative ideas shine in the best light! The ColorGlow TC C2 LED bar light offers you an impressive color palette and intuitive control for your perfect lighting display. Key Features: Powerful battery: With a capacity of 5,200 mAh, you can work for up to 100 minutes at full power or up to 12 hours at minimum power. Fast charging: The USB-C port with Quickcharge function ensures that your flashlight is always ready for use. Integrated display: Always keep an eye on the battery level and mode. Flexibility in mounting: Thanks to the 1/4 inch thread, you can easily mount the light on a tripod. The ergonomic handle also allows for easy handling. Color variety: Choose from 36,000 colors and adjust the color temperature from 2,500K to 9,900K. 21 scenes: Regardless of whether you want to recreate gentle sunlight or the flickering of a candle - with 21 pre-programmed scenes you will always find the right light. Maximum brightness: With an intensity of up to 14,000 lux, you can put your subject in the spotlight perfectly. Individualizable lighting: Thanks to adjustable panels, removable diffuser panes and a removable grid, you can adapt the light perfectly to your needs. Compact dimensions: With a weight of 883g and dimensions of 605x100x40.5mm (bezels folded), the rod light is ideal for on the go. Smart and intuitive: Thanks to the app control, you always have your lighting design under control. Adjust the intensity continuously, choose from a wide color spectrum and use predefined scenes for quick and impressive results. No matter whether you are a professional photographer or an enthusiastic hobbyist, the ColorGlow TC C2 LED penlight is your ideal companion for outstanding lighting effects. Brighten up your world! Color Temperature / Distance 0.3 m 0.5 m 1 m 2,500K</ td> 12,500 Lux 6,300 Lux 2,010 Lux 5,600K 14,000 Lux 6,950 Lux 2,190 Lux 9,900K 14,200 Lux 7,050 Lux 2,210 Lux
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ColorGlow Pro 600 - Professional LED video light with app control and Tripod
The ColorGlow Pro 600 is a high quality and professional LED video light that exceeds the expectations of video artists, filmmakers and content creators with its advanced technology and versatile features. With its app control and an output of 4500 lumens, this light offers endless possibilities to create the perfect light for any shooting situation. App Control The ColorGlow Pro 600 is controlled via a user-friendly app that is compatible with Android and iOS devices. The app allows precise and effortless adjustment of brightness, color temperature and color saturation. This means you can adjust the light according to your needs and create individual moods in your recordings.   Powerful LEDs The high-quality LEDs provide the ColorGlow Pro 600 with excellent lighting that ensures uniform and glare-free illumination. No matter whether you work indoors or outdoors, this video light always guarantees optimal illumination of your subjects.   Color variety The integrated RGB function allows you to create almost any color in the color spectrum. This opens up a variety of creative possibilities to add a special touch to your videos. Choose from a seemingly endless palette of colors to enhance the atmosphere of your shots and create visual effects.   Tripod included The scope of delivery includes two tripod stands that ensure stable placement of the lights. The height of the tripod stands is adjustable and allows for flexible positioning of the lights, allowing you to place the light exactly where you need it.   Portable and compact The ColorGlow Pro 600 is lightweight and compact, making it easy to transport and store. The included bag provides additional protection and makes it easy to transport to different shooting locations.   Energy efficient The LED technology of the ColorGlow Pro 600 is not only powerful, but also energy efficient. This reduces energy consumption and maximizes battery life, which is particularly advantageous for longer video recordings. The ColorGlow Pro 600 is the ideal choice for professionals looking for a versatile, high-quality LED video light with app control. Whether for video productions, vlogs, interviews or live streaming, this light offers the flexibility you need to express your creative visions and achieve professional results. Discover the world of colors and lighting effects with the ColorGlow Pro 600 and give your videos an impressive visual touch. Scope of delivery: 2x ColorGlow Pro 600 with tripod 2x power cable, 3 meters 2x Power Adapter 17V, 2.8A 1x bag
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Nitecore SCL10 camera light with integrated power bank
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Enhance your photography with professional lighting equipment

  • Correct exposure: Photos cannot be taken without sufficient light. Light allows the camera to capture the subject and make details visible. Correct exposure is crucial to ensure that the image is neither overexposed (too bright) nor underexposed (too dark).
  • Design and atmosphere: Light changes the mood and atmosphere of a photo. Depending on the light equipment used, intensity, direction and colour temperature of the light, images can appear dramatic, romantic or cheerful. Light helps to achieve creative effects in photography and videography.
  • Highlight shapes and texture: Light makes it possible to make the shapes and texture of a subject visible. Shadows and highlights create contrasts that emphasise the structure and three-dimensional nature of a subject. This is particularly important in portrait photography, product photography and landscape photography.
  • Focus and sharpness: Lighting equipment is needed both in photography and videography for the correct focus and sharpness of an image. If the subject is sufficiently illuminated, the camera can focus better and capture details precisely.
  • Creative play with light: Light offers photographers countless creative possibilities. With the help of professional light equipment, they can achieve unique effects and personalise their images. Long exposures, light painting and bokeh effects are just a few examples of creative play with light.
  • Reduction of image noise: Sufficient light reduces image noise, especially in dark areas of a photo. With good lighting, you can keep the ISO sensitivity low for better image quality.
  • Creating focus and leading the eye: By placing light sources in a targeted way, photographers can draw the viewer's attention. Bright areas attract the eye, while darker areas tend to fade into the background. Light can therefore be used to control the focus and the direction of the eye in an image.

Light in photography is not just a technical necessity, but a powerful creative tool that helps photographers bring their creative visions to life and create stunning images. It is essential to understand the different light sources and lighting techniques to unlock the full potential of photography.

Use light equipment to add mood to your videos

Imagine setting the mood for your vlogs or creating cinematic scenes that leave your viewers in awe. That's the power of professional lighting equipment! With it, you can be the director of your own visual masterpiece, telling stories that touch hearts and inspire minds. Whether you're a budding YouTuber, a documentary maker, or a seasoned filmmaker, the right lighting equipment is your secret sauce to making engaging videos.

Factors to consider when choosing light equipment

  1. Colour temperature control: Adjustable colour temperature allows you to match or create different lighting conditions.
  2. Brightness and intensity control: Variable brightness settings enable you to adapt to changing shooting environments.
  3. Compatibility: Ensure your equipment is compatible with your camera and other gear.
  4. Efficiency: Look for battery capacity that will fulfil your needs in the conditions you work.

Matching tripods

Travel tripod made of carbon C56C as a set with T20X tripod head
Discover the Kingjoy Carbon Tripod C56C - the perfect companion for your travels and adventures around the world! With its small and handy design, this travel tripod is ideal if you are looking for a tripod that is lightweight and space-saving.The C56C travel tripod combines a lightweight and compact design with high stability and a reasonable load capacity, especially if you use the matching T20X tripod head. With a weight of only 0.65 kg (without head) and a small pack size, it is easy to transport and does not take up valuable space in your luggage. Even with the T20X tripod head fitted, the tripod weighs just over 1.00 kg. Whether you are out in nature, in the studio or traveling, the Kingjoy carbon tripod C56C adapts perfectly to any situation. The carbon fiber legs, consisting of three leg segments, offer impressive stability and rigidity. The tripod legs can be adjusted with a single pull on theThe leg section can be pulled out and fixed to the base, and the infinitely adjustable tripod leg section allows you to set the optimum height for your needs. With the quick-release fasteners, you can change the leg width in seconds, which also makes it easy to work close to the ground. Thanks to the non-slip feet, the carbon tripod is stable on any surface. The scope of delivery includes the Mountain Series carbon tripod C56C, the heavy-duty tripod head T20X (load capacity up to 15 kg), a quick-release plate, three non-slip rubber feet (already pre-assembled), a bag, a strap for the bag and operating instructions. With the Kingjoy carbon tripod C56C, you can rely on a reliable and versatile support for your camera equipment. Invest in quality and experience impressive stability, flexibility and portability with this first-class travel tripod. Scope of delivery: 1x Mountain Series Carbon Tripod C56C 1x T20X tripod head (load capacity up to 15 kg) 1x quick-release plate 3x non-slip rubber feet (pre-mounted) 1x bag 1x strap for bag 1x instruction manual Weight: Tripod only: 0.65 kg Tripod + T20X head: 1.05 kg Note: The B10 head is shown in the product photos. However, the T20X head is supplied which offers better tilt adjustment and is also used with our Mountain Series Carbon tripod C82 is used.
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Mountain Series Carbon tripod C82 set with TX20 tripod head
The C82 tripod is always a companion on tours through cities and countries around the world. The C82 travel tripod combines a lightweight and compact design. With a weight of 1.03 kg and a small pack size, it is easy to carry and does not take up any space for important utensils. Whether you are outdoors, in the studio or traveling, the Kingjoy carbon tripod C82 adapts to any situation. The carbon fiber legs, which consist of three leg segments, ensure stability and high rigidity. The maximum extension height of the tripod is 125 cm and the length of the retractable chassis is 43.5 cm. The infinitely adjustable tripod leg segment allows you to set the optimum height for your situation. In addition, quick-release fasteners allow the tripod to be assembled and disassembled in seconds. Thanks to its non-slip feet, the carbon tripod is stable on any surface. Scope of delivery: 1x Kingjoy Mountain Series Carbon Tripod C82 1x poleative head TX20 3x non-slip rubber feet (pre-assembled) 3x spike feet 1x bag 1x strap for bag 1x screwdriver 1x instruction manual Weight: Tripod only: 1.03 kg Tripod + TX20 head: 1.44 kg
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Solid Rock Carbon Fiber Tripod C83S Set Ball Head TX30 and Center Column
Carbon tripods are ideal for professional photographers who need high-quality equipment. Extendable legs, an integrated centre column and a carrying capacity of up to 25 kg make work much easier. No more searching for extensions or changing legs. All you need is a tripod. The sturdy tripod allows you to carry the heaviest camera equipment you need to work with. With a 49 cm extendable leg length and 133 cm maximum extension height, the Kinjoy C83S carbon tripod is easy to store and comfortable to work with. The foldable centre column allows for more height and its flexible construction makes the tripod versatile. The set includes three rubber and spike legs that can be easily interchanged. Thanks to these interchangeable legs, the tripod can stand firmly on any surface. Scope of delivery: 1x Kingjoy C83S tripod with TX30 tripod ball head and centre column 1x carrying bag 3x spike feet 1x carrying strap 1x screwdriver 1x user manual
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