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Things you need to know about lighting for live streaming

Why is lighting so important for live streaming?

Effective lighting is not just about looking good on camera; it's about delivering a polished, professional presentation that keeps viewers engaged. Here are the main benefits of using professional lighting for live streaming:

  • Improved visual quality: Lights improve the clarity and sharpness of your streams, making the video less grainy and more flattering.
  • Increased engagement: Professional lighting captures your audience's attention and keeps them glued to your content, increasing viewer retention.
  • Mood enhancement: Lighting sets the mood and atmosphere for your streams. It can help to create a cosy, intimate vibe or an energetic and vibrant setting. Thus, you achieve the desired emotional impact on your audience just by using lights for live streaming.
  • Brand consistency: Consistent lighting can become part of your branding. Viewers may come to associate your specific lighting setup with your content, helping you stand out in a crowded field of streamers.
  • Professional look: Using a good lighting setup for live streaming, you show professionalism and dedication to your viewers. They create a positive first impression, which can lead to increased trust and credibility as a content creator.

What lights should I use for live streaming?

It all depends on your goals. Nevertheless, the most popular lighting setup among streamers is three-point lighting. It implies using three different types of lights:

  1. Key light: A key light is the primary light source for your streaming setup. It should be a soft and diffused light that illuminates your face evenly without creating harsh shadows. LED lights and softboxes are popular choices for key lights.
  2. Fill light: EA fill light is used to reduce shadows on your face and create a balanced look. Softbox lights or diffused LED panels work well as fill lights. They help soften the contrast between light and shadow created initially after using the key light.
  3. Background light: If you want to separate yourself from the background and add depth to your streams, a light source positioned behind you is essential. This can be achieved with LED strip or tube lights, or colour-changing RGB lights. Background lighting not only makes you stand out but also makes the image look more interesting.

You can always align your choice with your streaming goals, style and budget. Experiment with different setups and configurations to find the lighting that works best for your streams!

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